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Swift Operators++

Sunday — April 24th, 2016

Swift is removing the increment and decrement operators (++ and -- respectively). If this is news to you, hello from 2016! Bowie has left us, we have an iPad the size of a Prius, and Donald Trump is running for president.

But do you know why these operators are going away? The obvious answers are:

  • Python did it
  • Apple enjoys taking things away from you
  • It’s old
  • The Simpsons did it
  • for _ in is prettier

All very fun reasons but hardly substantive. The better arguments I’ve experienced is that ++someVariable and someVariable++ have different behavior but look visually similar. Add that to the fact that += is not a hefty burden to type and you could easily imagine the world without them.

Probably the best reason I’ve heard comes from the big man, Chris Lattner, himself:

“They encourage "overly tricky" code which may be cute, but difficult to understand.”

This is a wonderful rule of thumb if you’re ever left wondering why a feature goes to live on a farm upstate. Lattner goes on to give a great rule for determining what to throw out:

“if we didn't already have these, would we add them to Swift 3?”

You can read the arguments in their entirety here.