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Teaching Swift

Saturday — December 26th, 2015


I am a terrible teacher. I love talking with other people who love Ruby, Swift, or Objective-C, but I cannot on-board someone else to save my life. I am a terrible teacher.

2 weeks ago, my younger brother came to me wanting to learn how to make a game for his iPhone. He is in middle school right now. About the age that I started drowning in the field. We were both ecstatic to get started.

Except, I have no idea how to explain programming. I could hand him the official Swift book but that assumes you don’t get lost at the difference between optionals and constants. I also skimmed over the Teaching Swift lesson plan. It takes 100+ courses to get from opening Xcode to building fun stuff. That kind of patience might be good for a captive audience of 30 but I’m dealing with the attention span of 1.

I love my brother and I love programming. I want him to love it too. So I threw my hands up and did the only thing I could think of. We opened up a Playground in Xcode and we tried things.

I let him teach himself. I explain things when he has a question and I’ll give hints and challenges, but he is teaching himself. He is loving it. I’ll post updates about our completely made-up lesson plan as we go along.